About me

Hello there! My name is Emil V.H. Kerekes… that’s right! The one in the middle is a real name. If you want to know it….just write me!

I am about… marriage… Married with my girlfriend, Nathalie. She is a gift from God and a reminder that grace is real. Together we have 2 daughters. In previous life  I was Indiana Jones.

I am about… sports… Because I live in Birmingham, UK, I have to be fan Aston Villa. Besides, I love ping-pong, basketball, volleyball and cycling.

I am about… education… I have couple of degrees (Associate, Bachelor, Law and Doctorate in Leadership and Church Ministry). Beyond that I love books, deep conversations (confusion is not my thing) with a cup of tea, sponge cake and walking with my girlfriend.

I am about… believing… I spent my first 17 years looking for God. It took me 17 years because I was looking for Him in wrong places. His work in my life is the reason for my faith. Jesus lived to die for me. I have been given the freedom to follow Jesus. I’m a work-in-progress to live like Jesus and love like Jesus.

I am about… mission… Born and raised in Romania... At 22 years of age God called me to serve Him. I started as a missionary and ended up as a Pastor. I served in different places like: Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, Romania and Belgium. I’ve been in ministry for over 18 years now. My personal ministry is about perspective, identity and calling.

I am about… CHURCH… Passion for church is my nickname. I am the pastor of KEC, Birmingham, UK. I love our team. Together we are stronger!

I am about… God’s Word… I believe the greatest need in the church today is for pastors to preach the Bible that connects people with Jesus. Powerful preaching is about transformation, not information.

I am about… people… They are not targets or projects. I’m spending time with them because I like them. I love Jesus and love leading people to Him.

I am about… impacting… I believe that God wants me to impact and invest my life in others. My deepest desire is to bring glory to Jesus through lives changed by Him.

I am about… discipleship… or you can call it friendship.

But, enough about me… how about you?