Experiencing God

death-405The portrait that we have in our imagination, they are powerful, full of emotions, they shape us. Just as we can characterize each other, God also has key attributes which are spelled out in the Bible.

The way we see our God will determine our behavior.

Learning about who God is for us we will begin to view our life from God’s perspective. Nothing will more radically change the way we look at life and our circumstances.

When our desire is to know God, to know His nature and character, then we meet those circumstances which make possible a more intimate acquaintance with God. Experiencing God intimately is our calling and destiny, our future hope, our great privilege and blessing.

I might even say that the whole purpose of our earthly journey is for us to get to know what God is like. The more you love something, the more you have time and invest your time for that. The attributes of God are descriptions of the character of God, and it is through the knowledge of His characteristics that we come to intimately know and enjoy God as a Person.

Knowing the character of God assures us that He can and will do all that He purposes and promises. Faith in God is trusting in God, and His character are the basis for that trust because He is able and willing to do all that He has promised.

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