Making a difference

Did you ever asked yourself the question: why should I bother making a difference?

Few weeks ago I’ve watched the film “2012”. Somehow, 2012 seems to be a popular movie. This movie makes us think about today’s society and the issues it’s facing. The movie is about the global perspective that it had taken in addressing the apocalypse. And everybody is fighting and does “anything” is possible to find a safe place in the rescue ark.

In the end of the movie Adrian Helmsley said something beautiful: “The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the moment we lose our humanity”.

These are powerful words that can be reflected in our today’s world.

If you are looking today in our society everyone is busy with his own life. Nobody has time for nobody anymore. Everyone is fighting for their own interest. Our world would never survive if people did not help one another.

We need each other to survive.  We need to be difference makers because our world is made to depend on it! What people say to us has great impact on us, whether it be positive or negative. A good start may be to say something encouraging and positively to a co-worker. And then as you follow through with this it will become natural to speak positively.

But to make a difference, you must first be different. A good attitude at all times is also essential and it’s rare to find in people. Attitudes, both good and bad are contagious and also hard to cover up. It is not my point to tell you to wear a mask, but through an attitude of thankfulness and kindness in our life we should generally be able to overcome a bad attitude.

Making a difference in your workplace, making a difference in your school, making a difference in your family, making an eternal difference is what Christianity should be about. In a week we will celebrate Christmas. As I think of Christmas, I think of Jesus Christ who came to make a difference in this world. The Christians who does not have a personal walking with Christ are but shadows of what Christ intended for them to be in this world.

Spend a little time thinking about the people who made a difference in your life! Today is time for YOU to make a difference in someone’s life.

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